Patsco Windshield Repair Houston service is $75  for rock chips.  Additional chips $25 each

Your insurer will pay the entire cost of repair and consider the repair no fault. In Windshield Ding Repair you amazingly save 100% of the repair cost! 


Windshield Repair Cost

What is the Cost of Windshield Repair

When it comes to simple windshield repairs the service is free because we bill your insurance company, they waive your deductible and you pay nothing. Your insurance company pays the entire cost, because it is cheaper to pay for the damage, than to change it. Cash price is $75. Additional chips $25 each

We work with your insurance company. Most local and national insurance companies know our company, know our work have worked with us. It cost the insurance company less to forget about the windshield repair costs because it would cost them more to replace your windshield. You get the repair, you do not pay a dime, and your glass repair do not count against you.

The same holds true for windshield cracks that are a long as 2 feet. You pay nothing because we guarantee our work and the insurance companies know that our work rarely fails. We have the lowest rework record in the auto glass repair business in Houston.

Rather than have to shell out hundreds of dollars for the replacement of auto glass we can provide you with free auto glass and windshield repair with approved insurance. This means that if you can present insurance papers on your vehicle we can give you free ding repair with approved insurance, considered no fault to you. This is especially useful in times at which the crack become severe, we still are able to fix your windshield up to two feet

If you have additional questions about your windshield repair or replacement cost, just give us a call (832) 877-9778.


Windshield repair and Houston

Stone chips and minor windshield repair issues are something that happens to nearly every driver. Rock chip repair is sometimes grounds for a full window replacement as quoted by some windshield repair shops and auto mechanics. At Patsco Windshield Repair we will do everything in our power to provide you with our class auto glass repair in Houston, fast rock chip repair as well as full windshield repair, but not replacement. 

As well as windshield repair and cracked windshield we offer fast auto glass repair service, about 15-20 minutes. If fortunate thing about rock chips is that they can quite often persist and become worse especially when extra stresses placed on your windshield. Rather than see a stone ship turn into a crack that will require the full replacement of your windshield you might want to consider easy rock chip repair that can occur in just 15 min. and provide your windshield with the structural integrity that he needs to prevent future cracks and damage.

Our windshield repair in Houston is guaranteed by our own personal manufacturers warranty and with our auto glass repair company in Houston you get access to seasoned professionals who have been in the industry for decades of experience. This means that every repair job no matter how big or how small is done with care and with the best tools in the industry.


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