Introduction; Why Windshield Ding Repair

While driving, if you have ever peeped ahead through a chip on the wind shield you must have felt somehow irritated. Now suppose you looked through a cracked windshield. The experience would have been far more terrible.

The haze that collects within the chipped or cracked windshield area reduces visual precision. The probability of causing an auto accident in such a situation is increased several fold.  

What if you leave the chip unattended?  Well, naturally it would grow to a crack due to the effects of vehicle vibrations on the road combined with variations in temperatures of the day. The crack will eventually multiply into two of three for same reasons. Sooner or later you would do an entire windshield replacement. 

At Patsco Windshield Repair Houston, we fix and stop the ding from growing into a crack. 

And if the ding is already grown into a crack, we will mend it in our Cracked Windshields Houston unit as long as it has not grown to more than 24 inches long. 

Irresistible Offers

The following are amazing offers at Windshield Ding Repair Houston that we would recommend for you.

  • Free Windshield Chip Repair

Yes, this is indeed a free service but only with approved insurance companies. Your insurer will pay the entire cost of repair and consider the repair no fault. In Windshield Ding Repair Houston you amazingly save 100% of the repair cost!  

  • Free Windshield Crack Repair

Another free service to you for Windshield cracks. Your insurer again pays all the costs of the repair and considers the repair no fault. You save another 100% of the repair cost!

Our Cracked Windshields Houston technical team would comfortably repair such cracks of up to 24 inches. 

We also have the following;

  • Service without appointment. Just drive by one of our many locations and we will promptly serve you. We open at 10:30am to 6:00pm daily except on Sundays.
  • Fast services. A service takes on average 15 minutes.
  • Replacing your windshield at our Windshield replacement Houston unit if needed. Many auto glass companies in Houston would struggle to do that.
  • Cleaning your headlights to make them as bright as new. 
  • Promptly helping you in processing your insurance papers in matters to do repair costs. We have an amicable working relationship with most reputable insurers.
  • Guaranteeing all our services.


We encourage you to bring your auto to us and you will leave a delighted customer. Patsco Windshield Ding Repair Houston is easily found in a location near you. We also conveniently serve you since we work with most insurers in the region. 

We will happily repair a chipped windshield, fix a cracked windshield at Cracked Windshields Houston unit.